“Dance is said to be the art of our age; perhaps because it was also the art of past ages.”

The main concept behind Ekol School of Arts is the meeting of civilisations where hundreds of folkdance figures and music from different regions of Turkey meet. Founded and produced by Hacer and Ozcan Yildirim, Ekol School of Arts aims to introduce to Australia, the finest, ancient mosaic of cultural history and peace of Anatolia.

In 2007, after developing a bridge between Australia and Turkey, Hacer and Ozcan Yildirim established a dance school which provided the Turkish-Australian community in Melbourne, a first ever Turkish cultural dance experience. The main objective of opening the dance school was to build a bridge between other cultures and to carry our culture via art; Introducing the rich Turkish culture to our generations to come. Within this objective, we as Ekol, wish to have all forms of art under the same roof preserving and maintaining our culture.

For many years Ekol presented Australia with traditional Turkish dances from all regions of Turkey. In order to show that dance, just like art, evolves, Ekol strives for constant innovation which guides and continues to lead to our present success. After a long desired dream for the Turkish community of Australia, Ekol School of Arts has taken traditional Anatolian dances and fused them with a mix of contemporary, modern dance and ballet.

“In order to know where we are going, we must never forget from where we came”

Our Projects.


Ekol School of Arts are honoured to have been involved in a range of projects across Australia. We’re proud to be able to share our rich and diverse culture with the wider community as part of our efforts to entertain, share and bring people together.



Ekol School of Arts take pride in being able to showcase, teach and share our culture with the world. Whether it’s a small intimate gathering, a large scale stage performance or simply to further individual abilities, Ekol can provide a service to customised for you.
Dance Performances

Our professional performing dance group with unique traditional and contemporary costumes. Presenting an endless dance repertoire covering all regions of Turkey, the Ekol School of Arts dance group is able to present both traditional and contemporary Turkish dance routines, of the highest standards, to cater for any function.

Musical Performances

With a varied collection of traditional Turkish instruments, Ekol School of Arts can enhance your special event with a custom musical accompaniment designed to entertain both you and your audience with an extra flare of a combined audio and visual presentation.

Dance Classes

Junior, Intermediate, Senior dance classes catering to age groups from approximately 4 – 50 years of age, and conducted weekly in dance studios at various locations around Melbourne.  Lessons are primarily focused on traditional and contemporary dance from all the geographical regions of Turkey.

Private Classes

Catering to all age groups, Turk and non-Turk alike, who are preparing for their wedding, special event, or wish to simply learn social Turkish dances, further develop existing dance skills, and are looking for a fun and enjoyable way to keep fit.




If you would like Ekol School of Arts to perform for you or if you’d like to discuss joining us in our cultural journey, please don’t hesitate to contact by filling out your details below.